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Hospitality Industry Technology Solutions: “Emergency Management Software” For Hotels Provides Fire, Police Departments With Instant Access To “Site And Floor Plans, HAZMAT Details And Utility Shut-Off Locations”

“…By installing (the Emergency Management Software), Doubletree provides Detroit’s first responders instant on-site access to site plans, floor Hotel Emergency Management Softwareplans, hazardous material details, utility shut-off locations, geographical maps, fire hydrants locations, persons with special needs, guests and residents, and other critical information.  The pre-plan data will be on a touch screen computer in the lobby as well as on the mobile data computers in Detroit’s fire department and law enforcement vehicles…”

“Our adoption of this technology is an excellent example of the private sector bracing the public works,” said Shannon Dunavent, general manager of Detroit DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel.  “This new technology will be fully implemented by September 1st, making all critical building information quickly available to first responders.  We are not only making a smart, cost-effective investment in our property and in the safety of our guests and staff, but in the city’s ability to respond to emergencies.”

CommandScope allows building and facility owners, managers and first responders alike to easily add and upload building and site data.  The information is shareable across organizations and city departments, and is updateable in real-time allowing first responders to act with knowledge rather than trial and error.  First responders can save time and lives by immediately execute emergency procedures instead of wasting time locating managers or engineers on site.

For more:  http://www.fireengineering.com/articles/2013/08/commandscope-pre-plan-technology-changing-the-nature-of-first-response.html


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